Hidden Treasures

10 Lesser-Known Websites for Free Graphic Design Assets

Unearth free design treasures! Explore ten lesser-known websites for unique graphic assets, your secret weapons for stunning designs…


Brusheezy provides a wide selection of free Photoshop brushes, patterns, textures, and custom shapes.

🔗 ~ https://www.brusheezy.com/


Vecteezy offers free vector graphics and vector art, including illustrations, icons, and backgrounds.

🔗 ~ https://www.vecteezy.com/

FDR (Free Design Resources):

FDR provides free design resources, including fonts, mockups, templates, and more, with an emphasis on quality and variety.

🔗 ~ https://freedesignresources.net/


Textures.com offers an extensive collection of free textures for 3D artists and graphic designers.

🔗 ~ https://www.textures.com/


Iconmonstr offers a growing collection of free, simple, and customizable icons for your design projects.

🔗 ~ https://iconmonstr.com/

The Hungry JPEG:

The Hungry JPEG offers a weekly freebies section with fonts, graphics, and design resources available for a limited time.

🔗 ~ https://thehungryjpeg.com/


Pixelify is a platform where designers share their work, and you can find free fonts, graphics, and templates.

🔗 ~ https://pixelify.net/


GraphicBurger provides a variety of design resources, including mockups, UI kits, and icons, with an emphasis on high-quality presentation.

🔗 ~ https://graphicburger.com/

Free Design File:

Free Design File offers a range of free graphic design resources, including vectors, icons, and mockups.

🔗 ~ https://freedesignfile.com/


FreeVectors.net is a lesser-known source for free vector graphics, suitable for various design projects.

🔗 ~ https://www.freevectors.net/


Dealjumbo offers a variety of design assets, including fonts, mockups, templates, and graphics.

🔗 ~ https://dealjumbo.com/

Remember to review the licensing terms for each website and ensure that you adhere to their usage restrictions and attribution requirements. These lesser-known resources can be a treasure trove for unique and distinctive design assets.

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